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welcome to my blog.
First of all I am not a professional writer but since childhood, some how or other I have been involved with writing,whether in wall magazine of the school or in the office magazine of my father. Irrespective of the quality of the writing I could not give up the writing habit.Now my schedule is really tight,and time is a thing I do not have aplenty but still I want to express the old words in a new way and also share experiences of life with people.That is why this blog is made.There is a proverb that the drunkard drinks at hell,and consequently some professional discourse will always be there.

About Me

My name is Angsuman Banerjee.I am a creative designer(graphic and web) and trainer, living in Birati,Kolkata-700081(West Bengal),India.I am a graduate from university of calcutta with a B.Com degree, but never really had the urge to pursue the accounting profession.I do not have a degree of an art college but i have learn drawing privately from a professional artist. Since 2003 I have been interested in animation and graphic design and I have completed  a deploma cource from Arena Animation.
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